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Coming Soon...and Random Thoughts

Redo "transformation" coming soon...

a tease of what's to come!

And please remember our fallen soldiers and those who served and are still serving who fought and are still fighting for us to win and keep the freedoms we have in this great God blessed country.

Random Thoughts:

For those of you on PCs, which don't have a forward delete key, just simply use your function key—FN—with the delete key and you can delete forward. Macs have their own key for it, but just wanted you to know so you can use it if you wish. I use my forward delete key almost as much as the backward delete key.

I'm appalled most times by the language we hear—not from men so much—as society seems to have become immune to them using vulgarity, but women. Where did the softness and femininity go? I hear so much come out of the youth's mouths today, young women I mean, that their vocabulary sounds like that of a brothel owner specializing in service to sailors with Tourette's Syndrome.

That brings up another thought. Morality was a primitive concept, useful in earlier stages of societal evolution, perhaps, but without relevance in the modern age for most of the people today. I'm here to tell you: Morality is still the same as it was 6,000 years ago to God. It's the people who have changed the standards. Truth is Truth; Morality is Morality. It didn't change; we did. It saddens me deeply.

It's amazing to me how many people don't read the sidebars. I'm trying my best to clean up my blog on the side so it won't go on forever as seen on some blogs. I'm going to be listing my favorite blogs on one of the new "Pages" blogger came up with a few months ago. I just haven't had the time yet to compose the list. But, I have a new blog for Romantic blogs and so far there have been only 18 people sign up. I think it's mostly that bloggers don't look at the sidebars much. Plus when I list an event on the sidebar that has an ending date, I delete that logo when it's over. Why keep it on there for 2 years? Just wondering.

I've started walking on our treadmill. It's time! But I was a bit bummed the other day when I took a piece of gum Love Bunny keeps on the treadmill for himself and realized I actually could not chew gum and walk. This is true! I was almost thrown off of it.

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