Designers We Love

With the death of so many design magazines of late, we thought we'd share with you some of our favorite designers' web sites.  They are full of beautiful photographs and great ideas that you can steal :)

Note:  Click on link to go to the designer's web site.

Jan Showers-Soft, pretty designs.

Kelly Hoppen-simple, modern, luxurious designs.  Muted colors, simple lines.

Orla Collins: Modern, luxurious.  Simply divine.

Rabih Hage-Scrumptious, luxurious. Rich colors, modern lines.  Marvelous details.

Nini Andrade Silva- Zen, modern.  Ethnic.

Michael Reeves-Simply divine!  Mostly modern but some traditional too...

Let us know if you like this list and we'll make it a regular feature in our blog in the future.

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