Wrought Iron Chandelier

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Hubby finally found this chandelier up in the garage attic. I bought it on a trip to Pennsylvania in the late 80s to visit his parents. Our son, daughter-in-law and grandson went with us. We toured the countryside one day because I wanted to visit a shop I had read about in a magazine. We found it and purchased several things and she graciously shipped them back for us. It was quite a unique experience and I truly loved it. I bought 2 of these and sold one on eBay for a song. But when I went to the Post Office to ship it, the shipping was going to be $100.00! I almost cried so the postal clerk looked at it again, remeasured and a couple of inches miraculously dropped off! (Now, from looking at this you can imagine what the packaging looked like as Love Bunny had to cup up boxes to make its own box. It truly looked like a space ship and got the most awesome stares in the Post Office that day. Hubs said no way was he going to the P.O. with it. He's such a sadist!) Then it was about $35.00 and off it went. I would have had to refund her money and tell her what happened. It worked out well all the way around and I was saved the embarrassment so I'm happy. But no way would I sell this one after that experience.

So I've decided to paint it white to go with the look of our house now. What do you think? Now for the froufrou-ing of it.

Okay, and now I have the candles in it but I've been so busy with a couple of other projects that I haven't froufrou-ed it up any further than this. And this is the safest place to keep it at this point. Soon!

Bathroom Shower Tile Ideas

Bathroom Shower Tile IdeasNowadays designing the bath afterward altered capacity has become a trend. To accomplish your bath attending adequate yet comfortable, you charge accept tiles of absolute colors. You charge additionally go for a able bath battery asphalt account as it will add up to the brightness of your bathroom. These battery tiles are begin in assorted shapes and designs and anniversary of these designs is begin in altered amount ranges.

Bathroom Shower Tile IdeasThus, while selecting your bath battery asphalt ideas, firstly you will charge to adjudge on your account and again baddest the abstracts accordingly. You can get bath battery tiles fabricated of altered materials, for example, stone, cobble stone, marble, bottle etc.
Very accepted aberration that best bodies accomplish is that they absorb abounding bucks for affairs admirable curtains and accessories. You charge apprehend the actuality that, accepting a abundant bath battery asphalt abstraction can accommodate a admirable ambient to your bath at a abundant lower cost. Choosing the appropriate blush of the battery tiles will depend on the admeasurement of the bathroom. If the admeasurement of the bath is small, it is adopted to use ablaze blush tiles, as due to added absorption of light, the bath will assume to attending bigger.

Bathroom Shower Tile IdeasThere is additionally addition accessible action of decorating your tiles. You can change the colors of your old tiles by painting them according to the affair you chose from altered bath battery asphalt ideas. You can use assorted colors to accomplish the bath attending added attractive.
The painting action charge be agitated out carefully. It is appropriate to use apply acrylic for the battery tiles as they are awful baptize aggressive and additionally aggressive to accepted changes of temperature which are absolutely accepted for any bathroom.

Bathroom Shower Tile IdeasYou can additionally accomplish the painting action easier by application stencils to adorn the breadth about the shower. Stencils are actual acceptable to use, bargain to buy and are accessible in any bounded crafts store. You can buy the stencils according to the affair of your decoration. The accepted capacity accessible are waves, bank assurance and others.

Bathroom Shower Tile IdeasBathroom Shower Tile Ideas Design

New Concept Design Modern Bathrooms

New Concept Design Modern BathroomsRexa staleness be born very recently but its collections are par excellence. With a exteroception of having long-lasting bathrooms, this European consort has carved a niche for itself in the concern of room manufacturers. Having introduced a sort of new materials, the bathrooms which are conception of the collections are spacious with freestanding, built-in bathtubs.
These concept bathrooms are inspired by the thought ‘Space Navigation’ where the whole collection beautifully comes together as each example is vividly circumscribed by the curves and smoothness. Everything found in these bathrooms is made of Korakril which guarantees sturdiness, hygiene, static-protection and resistance from lighting and stain.

New Concept Design Modern BathroomsRexa designs are coercive and effective. They have encapsulated the essence of beatific taste and great quality.
You could verify inspiration from the room collections acquirable in-house. You could also endeavor with assorted hues of blue, wear and brown. But if I was you, I would stick to the classy, unchanged white exteriors which are shown below.

Decorating Bathroom Walls - Sleek Polished Sophisticated Look

Decorating Bathroom Walls - Sleek Polished Sophisticated LookBathrooms are not aloof for account purposes in today's lifestyle. This is the abode you can set your affection for the day advanced or abundance and relax you at the day's end. Depending on your decorating actualization this allowance can be sleek, polished, adult or animation like a diamond.
There is a all-inclusive arrangement of decorating account and techniques to accomplish this allowance flash with your personality. Before you get started, booty a acceptable attending at the size, actualization and the adornment that is already in the room. Decide what needs a beginning new attending and what items can stay. Now booty a attending at your budget. You can accomplish the best affecting account by alteration the attending of your walls. The walls are area the eyes are aboriginal admiring to. Here are some account that will absolutely get those artistic juices flowing.

Decorating Bathroom Walls - Sleek Polished Sophisticated LookIf you adopt bank coverings, your choices are about unlimited. Bank coverings are a ablaze way to add adornment to the bathroom. For a abreast attending to your bath walls put the accent on a glassy automated look. This will accord your bathrooms walls that simple and apple-pie appearance. The wallpaper adhesives that are now accessible are far above to the adhesives we acclimated in the past. You charge not abhorrence or anguish that the wallpaper may alpha to bark or appear off the wall. With the new abstracts and backbone this aloof does not happen. Bank coverings are accessible to advance and accumulate apple-pie and appear in a bottomless arrangement of colors and patterns. Some bath bank coverings will actor acrylic techniques like stucco. They absolutely actualize a affection and affair as able-bodied as abacus arrangement to the walls.

Decorating Bathroom Walls - Sleek Polished Sophisticated LookThere are additionally a arrangement of bank army cabinets. These will enhance any bath and action a arrangement of accumulator options. Some appear with one or added shelves or drawers below. They additionally accompany a blow of breeding with bottle afflicted aperture appearance and a brushed nickel finish.
If you still charge added account booty a attending on the Net. There are affluence of web sites to advice you. You can consistently analysis out a few decorating architecture books and magazines. Remember, whatever you assuredly choose, accomplish it a custom fit that will accomplish you smile every time you airing into the bathroom.

Kitchen Design Begins Online

Kitchen Design Begins OnlineYour kitchen acclimate is apparently article you've looked advanced to for a continued time.
Even admitting you may be afraid to get started, it is consistently appropriate to booty your time while planning your new kitchen. One of the best accoutrement that avant-garde kitchen designers accept at their fingertips is the World Wide Web.

Kitchen Design Begins OnlineObviously, unless you're a able artist or architect you may not be able to booty on the absolute kitchen acclimate yourself. There are abounding important considerations which the boilerplate homeowner may not be acquainted of. If you abort to booty these into consideration, it can affect the abiding account of your kitchen and the resale amount of your home. However, by application the internet to plan and analysis kitchen architecture online, you are able to accommodate the professionals you appoint with a complete eyes of the kitchen of your dreams.

Kitchen Design Begins OnlineOne of the best assets for researching your new kitchen online is the absolute website KitchenDesigners. This content-rich armpit has accessible articles, a chargeless newsletter, and accessible links all in one place. KitchenDesignerIdeas is a basic library of aggregate accepting to do with kitchen design, acclimate as able-bodied as trends in appliances, abstracts and attic plans. Don't accomplish addition accommodation about your kitchen architecture after endlessly by KitchenDesignerIdeas first!

Private Tour - A Subtle Sense of Style

Private Tour- A Subtle Sense of StyleA former gatehouse to the mews of Chevy Chase, the 1937 property possesses good bones, with tall windows and original molding.

Private Tour- A Subtle Sense of StyleThe two hit it off right away. Thai helped Bond hone collection, selecting pieces with clean, delicate lines and sending many of the couple’s English antiques down to their home in Mexico, Missouri.

Private Tour- A Subtle Sense of StyleExcept for a few botanical prints, the Bonds kept traditional artwork at a minimum. Instead, unadorned architectural elements make bold yet monochromatic statements. A pair of early 19th-century columns discovered at an antiques show in Annapolis flanks a Swedish settee in the living room.

Private Tour- A Subtle Sense of StylePrivate Tour- A Subtle Sense of Style Design

Private Tour- A Subtle Sense of StyleLoi Thai agrees. “It’s not just the aesthetic. It’s how it makes you feel. It really is beyond furniture.”

Trying Something New

Visbeen Associates is excited to share that we have chosen to display two billboards near New Buffalo, MI. If you happen to be near there, take Red Star Highway and check them out!

Because Froufrou Counts!

I am going to start a Froufrou Friday on my blog. If you'd like to participate, just let me know. All you have to do is show something sweet, decorative and/or froufrou around your house or something you are working on. I think it'll be fun. I'll give the details in a few days. We'll start in July on a friday. I'll certainly let you know in a few days.

By now you should know my philosophy: Roses in every yard and froufrou in every house. Uh huh!! :-) So with the sweet letter I got from my letter swap pal in Ireland and the letter written on beautiful roses scrapbooking paper I made this in remembrance of her letter. Isn't it sweet? Nuuuuu, this will never be in a giveaway; it's MINE.

Bottom is the paper she sent; top is a tiny scrap I had laying around here. I added all the trim of roses, garland, bows and I made a little door with a pearl door knob.

It was sort of funny but as I sprayed glue on the little rooftop of the birdhouse, the writing showed though. After I put the german glass glitter on though it dried and the writing was gone. I thought it would have been neat to see the writing through it. Alas, but no. Her paper is on each side.

The paper wasn't big enough to cover the back so I used a piece I had here.

The roof is her paper also.

Kathleen, thank you so very, very much for that lovely paper. I truly loved it.

Culinablu modern European kitchens - new kitchen design elements

Culinablu modern European kitchens - new kitchen design elementsCulinablu Kitchen Design

Kitchen Decoration Themes - Kitchen decor
Italian Kitchens Picture Gallery
European ingenuity and style create modern kitchens of dramatic form and function. Culinablu have developed sophisticated contemporary kitchens that feature fabulously designed centrepieces. Using luxurious lacquers, veneers, and wood with sleek glass and metal; Culinablu create stylish walls of cabinetry units. Within these designer panels Culinablu fit iconic fixtures like convex and concave cabinets. A fantastic round sink with movable chopping boards and work surfaces, can form the centre of these modern German kitchens. Modular units ensure personal designs that make the most of any kitchen space. To bring European innovations and style to you kitchen contact Culinablu.

Culinablu modern European kitchens - new kitchen design elementsKitchen Design Waterstation

Culinablu modern European kitchens - new kitchen design elementsKitchen Cabinet

Black and White Modern Kitchen Design

Black & White Modern Kitchen DesignModern Kitchen Design
Black & White Modern Kitchen Design transparent color

Black & White Modern Kitchen Design from Christopher C. Deam’s work at one time or another even if we weren’t looking for it. The Cohen project is high lighted by the contrasting black and white kitchen with a few splashes of transparent color. Black & White Modern Kitchen Design the wood grain on this almost black stained wood.

Black & White Modern Kitchen DesignBlack & White Modern Kitchen Design

Black & White Modern Kitchen DesignKitchen Cabinet
Black & White Modern Kitchen Design wood grain

Black & White Modern Kitchen Design Future Kitchens
Black & White Modern Kitchen Design almost black stained wood

Modern Revolving Circular Kitchen from Compact Concepts

Modern Revolving Circular Kitchen from Compact ConceptsModern Revolving Circular Kitchen

This Modern Revolving Circular Kitchen from Compact Concepts can also be equipped alternatively with freestanding appliances in own contribution. The circular kitchen will be delivered as a modular construction system in easy to transport package units. Craft skilled persons are able to assemble and install the circular kitchen within a short time. Connection of electrical appliances and plumbing has to be carried out by qualified professionals. The product is constantly developed further. Subject to alteration. The circular kitchen is being produced in accordance with the latest technologies. The Modern Revolving Circular Kitchen from Compact Concepts are maximum functionality on smallest space. Modern Kitchen work-with ways like a marathoner. This belongs now to the past! Long curved handles in stainless steel.

Modern Revolving Circular Kitchen from Compact ConceptsKitchen from Compact Concepts

Modern Revolving Circular Kitchen from Compact ConceptsModern Kitchen

Modern Revolving Circular Kitchen from Compact ConceptsKitchen from Compact Concepts

Modern Revolving Circular Kitchen from Compact ConceptsDesign Ideas Modern Kitchen

Roses Again and Some Random Thoughts for Pink Saturday 6/26/2010

Welcome once again to Beverly of How Sweet The Sound and Pink Saturday.
This past week I visited with Shirley of Shirley's World and Jenn of Whinenroses. Visit with them and tell them I sent you.

Can you stand to look at more roses in my garden? I certainly hope so because I love looking at them. ;-) It's also a pleasure to be able to share them with you all.

This will be the 2nd year for this hosta and it thrives in this spot under my office window.

Our pathetic little rhododendron is finally starting to show some growth. It's been quite a struggle for it but maybe it'll survive.

A David Austen rose. My favorites.

I'm shocked by how gorgeous this is this year. The bush has dozens on it at the moment. Very prolific!

Aren't they simply magnificent?


Random Thoughts:

I hear people on a regular basis say that actions they take don't hurt anyone but themselves. Wrong! In this world your actions affect everyone around you: family, friends, school mates. Selfish people consider themselves only; unselfish people consider others when they make unpopular decisions. Don't think I am wrong in this. It's very true. A ripple in the water travels the ocean, my friends.

The best thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother.

If a guy tells you that if you love him, you'll "submit" to him then your answer should be: if you love me you wouldn't ask. Tried and true, chicks, tried and true. You have this on excellent authority. Me! If he loves you, he'd marry you. If not, he doesn't think much of you.

Why is it that home always looks so good to us when we return from our travels? Home is comfort, familiarity and serenity. I love it when we hit the California or Washington state line because I know we're almost to our kids house or our grandkids' house, but when we are on our return trip, it's our own home for which we're longing. "Being home" is the secret.

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