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Multimedia Chair ConceptChair Design
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Usually, when you imagine the media chair your mind conjures up weird thoughts (read uncomfortable) furniture that will be more at home in a modern art museum than a living room. But Martin Emila’s Media Chair is something else. Of course, it is little “left field” but it is the concept of a chair that would look pretty good to me, I guess. This feature an iPod dock, a projector, embedded speakers and, above all, look pretty darn comfortable.

Multimedia Chair ConceptChair Multimedia
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“The idea behind this project is to develop a comfortable seat with multimedia capabilities,” Emila said. As a result, this chair is formed from hard plastic shell with soft foam insert to provide comfort needed to allow users to enjoy their media. The insert can be covered with leather or fabric in many patterns. It has four adjustable telescoping legs to give the position of the best seats.

Multimedia Chair ConceptModern Chair
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“As a source of multimedia, built-in iPod dock sits in the back of his right hand and three-way speakers built into the headrest to offer surround sound distribution,” Emila said.
“Outside the left side is a compact projector to watch videos.”
Still only a concept, so no pricing or availability.

Multimedia Chair ConceptChairs Design
Modern Furniture for Living Room
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