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What happened to our taste?

Okay, so we can't help wondering outloud, what the hell happened to our taste?  What is it that make MTV's Jersey Shore popular?  What is it that sells magazines that featured Gary Coleman's deathbed's picture?  Worse yet, CNN's poll shows that 85% of people think that it's OKAY for his ex-wife to sell those pictures!!!  Why, why, why we ask?

And did you know, the White House crasher made the cut to the Bravo's series Real Housewives of DC?

Here's an excerpt from the Bravo site:

"Michaele Salahi
This northern Virginia native and model is a big part of the inner workings of the D.C. life. She and husband Tareq together founded America�s Polo Cup, for which he is the U.S. team captain. Through her involvement in the Polo Cup, which has become one of the largest and most high profile polo events in the U.S., Michaele has met numerous political leaders across the globe. Additionally, the two are involved in running the Salahi family vineyard, Oasis Winery. Always on the move and juggling multiple projects at once, Michaele is heavily involved in charity work, including being an advocate and fundraising for MS and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. A family girl at heart, Michaele loves spending time at the family vineyard with her stable of horses and beloved dog Rio."
No mention of how tacky these people are and how many lawsuits they are involved with (check out the details here).

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