Home Sweet Home

Home is not only for protecting us from rain and sunlight. But from a home, a family start an interaction. A home is the smallest environment for human interaction. What we get from a home will have a huge effect to our personality.

For the first post i will share about How To Make Our Home Comfort For Our Family. If we often hear about idiom “My Home is My Palace”, it’s not mean that we must have luxurious home, but it’s mean that our home should give comfort condition to our family. The luxurious home is only show case, nice views but not always comfortable to stay inside. So if there are luxury home but the owner prefer to stay long time in the cafes, it’s mean that the home is not the Palace for the owner. Because the home doesn’t make them enjoy.
Home interior, home designA lot of interior design expert said that the need of comfortable home will increase recently due to hard life and stress level of the people in the city. At home we can release our daily stress which come from our activity. It’s not difficult to make our home “hommy”. It’s depend on our preferences about comfort home.

Prior to discuss about tips to make our home hommy, we must distinguish the meaning of comfort home with luxurious home. The comfort home should not be expensive and luxurious. because these are two things that completely different. The main factor to make our comfort home is the ability of the people inside for creating comfort condition.
home sweet home 31 300x224 Home Sweet Home
Now the questions are ” What should we do to make our home ‘hommy ‘?” These are some tips that we can use as a guidance.

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