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Paint Wall Color Ideas

Paint Wall Color Ideas : A color wheel identifie color familie that relate to each other. All color result from the primary color which are blue, yellow and red. green and orange, you mix equal quantitie of two primary color together: red and blue produce violet; blue and yellow produce green; and red and yellow produce orange. To obtain tertiary color you need to mix a larger quantity of one primary color with a smaller amount of another primary color.

Kids bedroom is supposed to be the most fun place in the house. Since it stands for childhood, you can have all the bright colors which you haven't used for any other room.All other color are combination of these basic color: as an example, if you want brown, you simply mix all three of the primary color together in equal quantitie. To obtain the secondary colors of violet, Bright orange, metallic blue, moss green, teal, and all the rainbow colors can be used in this bedroom. To make it even more impressive, you can paint the walls in multiple colors and have flowers, cartoons and images painted on them. Use as many colors as you can to make your kids room beautiful and attractive. The furniture in this room could be as colorful as the wall paint color ideas, so that your kids love to spend time in there.

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