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The good news is that with a little effort, the windows of your home can

Save money on energy bills can be as simple as making some adjustments on cheap windows in your home.

Summer heat and the cold air of winter May be sneaking into your house and cause your energy bills to skyrocket. How are they done? Portions of the energy lost through the windows of our houses. The good news is that with a little effort, the windows of your home can become more energy efficient and start saving some money too.

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There is no need to invest much money in your windows to make them more efficient. There are several relatively inexpensive improvements you can do yourself.

Add new caulking or weather stripping around the window. Caulk or weather-stripping is used to prevent the window from the air to seep through. You can check for projects on a windy day by holding a candle on or near your window light chain. If there are leaks, the candle flame flashes or chain swinging in the breeze. Start by scraping away the old putty and adding a new layer on the edges of the window, but weather-stripping can be a better investment. Weather-stripping to clean up the window to monitor the cut self-adhesive foam to fit within the window stops. Finish by removing the back and firmly pressing the foam out of the stop.

Cover the windows. A major source of energy loss comes to discover the windows, and this is the easiest problem to correct. Window coverings are available in a variety of forms and prices. The cheap solution is to cover the windows with aluminum foil. This reflects the sunlight and insulating windows. However, it is not very attractive. A better solution of aluminum foil would be to cover the windows with window film. It is translucent and tinted to provide a bit of darkening. It reduces the amount of heat that penetrates the window and blocking UV rays, which can cause discoloration.

Other window coverings that double as a fashion include curtains, blinds and curtains. Curtains provide less energy efficient because they generally consist of thin material. All shades to block light and heat, but you can also buy solar shades, which work much like the window film. Unlike shades, they are designed to be a little transparent, but they are excellent sources of isolation. To maximize energy efficiency of any window covering, it must completely cover the window and be positioned to allow less light.

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