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Find Your Decorating Styles

Home decorating becomes oh-so-simple when you let your personality guide the way. Find your inner decorating muse with the help of our trio of room styles that channel three different personalities.
It's all about you
Unsure what color to paint your living room? Lost when it comes to choosing accessories? The answers might be right inside you! The activities, art and environments you prefer all offer a reliable guide to confident decorating choices.
To show how it works, we've designed three different looks for the same room, each one customized for a specific personality. If you know what you like but can't put your finger on how that translates into your home, click through our examples to reveal your inner decorating muse.

Style #1: Earthy and natural
You like: beach walks, country drives, yoga or tai chi, farmers markets, nature preserves, alfresco dining, hybrid cars, wildlife.
Your style probably grows out of the harmonious elements of air, water and earth. Your solution to everyday stress is a connection to the natural world, not only outside, but in your home as well. Look to nature's essence to find a sense of peace and balance for your home.
See how this style looks in a whole room on the next slide.

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