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Modern Italian Bedroom,Bedroom Furniture

Here is a modern corner bed that will be the centerpiece of your bedroom. It is beautifully and carefully constructed with built-in nightstands. The versatility of corner platform bed makes them an ideal interior design. Its cherry color gives a modern feel to any room.

To those who prefer a wooden touch on their contemporary bedroom, then this modern Italian bed would suit their tastes.

The ultra modern Italian bed is designed to provide a functional bed space on a room that emphasizes the importance of space. This bed is wide enough for one to stretch on without feeling cramped.

If you want a solid, opaque atmosphere on your contemporary bedroom, then this modern Italian bed would do the trick.

This modern Italian bed fuses solid colors of black and white to create a deep, spacious feel all throughout the room. This platform bed is designed to provide low-rise balance which aims to keep the owner at ease and comforted as he sleeps on it. The bed is also spacious enough to accommodate slumber parties as well as sudden honeymoons.

Contemporary bedroom with black and white lacquer and white leather headboard, including lights from both sides

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