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Romantic Country Rooms #3

I love black and white checks. Is there anything I don't like? Yes, orange! But that's another story. Group your furniture in a different way in your living room or family, NOT around the television as a focal point. Might be interesting!

I have a collection of fountain pens and different colors of inks. (Hmmmmm, I think that'll be another post someday.) Anyway, have you ever thought of collecting inkwells? Oh, not especially antique ones, just pretty ones at nice stores. Just a thought.

I have a beautiful sheepskin I bought in Blarney, Ireland. I gave it to my granddaughter after a while, but wouldn't it look wonderful draped over my new slipcovered sofa? I might ask for it back for a while. Maybe.

Another one of those yellow, lime and red rooms that just pop out at you. Isn't this room gorgeous?

I can never say this enough: I love yellow and red/pink rooms!!!!

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