Decorating Backyard for Fantastic Home design

Have narrow backyard? Make it as little garden, so you have a lot of advantage, and make your home comfortable. The first advantage is make sure that light enter your house easily, second, air circulation will better. Back and front aperture will guarantee cross ventilation happen.

Garden in the backyard also can become running away area, moment to escape from day to day work. Garden backyard makes our privacy increasing, not like front garden. You can unify backyard garden with kitchen, so id there is a party, guest can take food I the kitchen, then walk to garden to enjoy both of garden and food.

For example, below is picture of backyard garden:

That garden above, garden backyard decorate with small pool made from natural stones. The pool not too deep, and decorating with water spraying. And there is path, seem like float on pool. Pool positioned higher than land surface. Overflow water patches water canals that surrounding the pool.

Because there is space limitation, choose small plants. In this example garden, yellow clump plants (Neomarica Sp.) and Japanese grass. At corner of garden, Yang Liu plants planted. Yang Liu plants perfect for small garden because the physic feel light and waving. And finally, for pool resident, there is water plants.

Pink Saturday 10/30/2010

Welcome once again to Pink Saturday. Please visit with Beverly of How Sweet the Sound for more participants.


And Happy Halloween, all your spookie chicks! I made this a couple of years ago and it still sits on my front porch all year round. I just wiped it down and added the sign for this weekend. I told you I don't "do orange" so this is my contribution to the autumn season.


It's been a rough week for me. I'm always smiling and a truly upbeat person, but when I laid this body down on my masseuse's table on Wednesday I just lost it. I'm glad I was face down because the tears started falling the second Maria put her hands on my body. She's a very, very caring person, and I'm just glad she couldn't see the tears flowing. Just her touch relieved a lot of stress in this old body. And trust me, this has been very stressful trying to get relief from the fall I took.

Anyway, I thought I'd just ramble a bit today. The earth is taking making its autumnal glory for the year and that perhaps is one of the things that can depress the human spirit, realizing I'm in the autumnal period of my life.

Our last 2 tomatoes from the garden and the last gardenias from the plant. You can't believe how fragrant these smell. Beautiful.


Random Thoughts:

I read recently where the schools are providing DINNERS for school children! My parents would have been appalled at this. Where in the world are their parents? We're paying for this with our tax dollars. I find this appalling that anyone even thought of this. Parents are stewards of their children, not anyone else. I fed my kids when they were home. I never let them starve. Just boggles my mind.

Did you know that P&G uses supercomputers to make sure that Pringles go into cans without breaking? I just love high tech stuff!

Why do models stand with hands on their hips in those photos of them attending events? Do they realize how stupid they look? Standard pose: Hand on hip, looking over their shoulder, one leg crossed over the other. As I said, stupid looking!

AND some of them have such huge breast proportions that I'm wondering if the world is facing a serious silicone shortage!

I love all the pictures I see of the English, Italian and French countryside but it's always perplexed me why they build them on hills or steep windy roads. Sheesh, there seems to be flat land around them. Why make it hard to build and to go to and from the grocers? Weird. Beautiful, but still weird.

My friend and I usually announce the end of our phone calls by asking each other if we've solved all the world's problems lately. We generally answer each other with this statement: No, but we haven't created any world problems lately either! Gives ME hope. ;-)

Until next time, my sweet chicks.

Lily's Playhouse

Last year, Visbeen Associates designed a playhouse for a little girl named Lily as her wish from the Make-A-Wish Foundation. As a thank you, her mom sent us a video chronicling the project. Check it out to see the building process and finished product. You can read our blog post from April of last year to see photos from Wayne's design session with Lily.

This playhouse was designed by Visbeen Associates and built by Toll Brothers.

Back(!) and What I Did with Some Pretty Papers

First, some eye candy for you chicks. :-)
Me and Miss C when we were visiting with her last month.

First of all, I'm feeling pretty good to where I think I'll start posting once more a week—perhaps mid-week—other than Pink Saturdays. If this doesn't work out I'll let you know. It's just a trial to see how it will affect me. But truthfully, I have missed blogging a LOT. I love it! I'll just have to take care and watch how much I do. I absolutely cannot spend hours on here so if I don't get to you and comment, please try to understand. I'm doing the best I can at the moment.

Also, I need to tell you that I've thought of that elusive song I was trying to capture in my memory. My authority for 80s songs is my daughter. She can always come up with the song or the recording artist. After trying to remember some of the words I came up with cadillac and pink and she guessed it right away. I've never been a fan of Bruce Springsteen but it was one of his songs: "Pink Cadillac". I don't listen to music around the house as a general rule so I truly don't think I've ever heard any of his songs other than that. Needless to say, it is now in my iTunes! I like to exercise to it.

Oooooh, and another thing. I wrote a comment to Blogger about keeping the Old Editor. It now does not have the "going away soon" by its name in the "Settings" tab on Blogger. I guess they listened to me and one other blogger who told me she was going to ask them to keep it also. Gals, this is the easiest editor of the two. Much more stable. If they do indeed keep it, I'm ecstatic. Pictures appear where they should. Spaces between pictures and text is closer together and much more stable (I could not get it to do correctly even if I used the Edit HTML tab above, AND the issue of spaces being further apart on the New Editor has definitely come up from people emailing me for help.) Plus I can upload 5 pictures at one time with it instead of one at a time. AND if you need to have strikethrough text or background color for some of your test background, you can change to the New Editor for just that one thing while composing the post and switch back to the Old Editor for the rest of it as I did in this post. However, I must warn you that if you switch back and forth the colors may be inconsistent in some of the text and the spaces between the photos can be a bit off. Me? I stick to the Old Editor until everything I want in the post is good and then I go back to do the "strikethrough" or any other thing for which I might want to use the New Editor. The best of both worlds, although, I don't think I've ever used colored background text and don't
especially like it, you can have that option if you wish. A win-win situation for all.

I showed you some of these gorgeous papers the first of October, but I thought I'd show you the rest and what I did with some of them.

These are some of the candlesticks I pulled out of our garage sale in July and kept. Remember the 2 in the back, right at the top of the photo?

This is what they look like now. Nice, huh?


Traditional Building Design Challenge 2010

Over the weekend, Wayne Visbeen, David Lorenz and Jonathan Lorenz from Visbeen Associates participated in the Traditional Building Live Design Challenge at the Traditional Building Exhibition and Conference at Chicago's Navy Pier. The challenge was to design a "Gateway Building" with retail on the first floor and residential units on the floors above for a site in the Jefferson Park Business TIF Redevelopment Area. The participants were given time on Friday and Saturday during the hours of the Exhibition to complete their designs. The final presentation had to include hand drawings of the front and rear elevations, floor plans and site plan. Here are a few photos of the design process and our team's final design. Our team finished runner up, so we want to congratulate them on a job well done and a great design!

Simple Stone Benches by Stone Forest

If you have a house equipped with a terrace garden, maybe you need a charming garden bench furniture like this. This garden bench is produced by Stone Forest, made of stone that has a simple yet modern impression. Stone used in making this bench using natural stone in the form of large stone slabs carved travertine and in a minimalist bench seat, so have the impression that the natural form, is very suitable to be placed on the terrace, the garden outside the house. Moreover, if placed around the trees, bushes or flowers your plantation house. This bench offers a beautiful natural stone, and manufactured in sizes 60 "L x 20" W x 18 "H with a thickness of 3.25" with contemporary colors silver and beige travertine that will add to the impression of modern outdoor patio or your garden.

source :

The Dream of Beach House in Costa Rica

Do you envision a dream home on the beach? maybe for those of you who liked the beach so want to be able to stay in a comfortable seaside home. Here we want to show the edge of a slaughter house designs that may inspire you to design a comfortable beach house. This house was designed as a private house with 6 bedrooms dentgan custody by the Hermosa Palms in Playa Hermosa, Jaco., Costar Rica. The house is covered by large glass panels, allowing natural daylight and provide viewpoints freely off towards the shore, so the spectacular view outside the room can be seen clearly. The living room is the best spot to enjoy the surrounding view while gathering with some friends and family. Furnished by modern and high quality furniture, the house offers a small heaven for you to stay during your weekend or holidays. The house is divided into two volumes, the main house that contains four bedrooms and private bathrooms and the guest house that contains two bedrooms with bathroom. Featuring large infinity pool, mini bar, pool table, equipped kitchen, a movie theater cinema, two cars garage, laundry room, music system and many more, the house is a beautiful accommodation. For details info you can visit Airbnb.

source :

Multifunction Furniture of Sogo

For those of you who have a high artistic soul, maybe this is the answer from a bench design unique furniture made from Siddharth Kambe. The design of this furniture are equipped with many functions that will help you save time and space. Furniture, dubbed Sogo is a modern bench that can function as a chair or desk and bookcase shelves for example, where a laptop, chess table, or a center table. Cool furniture is made of plywood which was formed in a simple and compact so it can be the perfect solution to fill your small apartment, or small room.

 source :

Romantic Floor Lamp by Werner Aisslinger

Maybe you want a beautiful furniture concept which is used to fill the interior of your home? following we try to offer a design sensation of the floor lamp designed by Werner Aisslinger for Spanish companies Dab. This floor lamp design is very elegant and charming, very suitable placed in the living room, family room, living room or bedroom. Light produced by these lights are not intentionally designed with bright light, but able to illuminate corners of the room, so that the impact of this lighting effect gives a romantic atmosphere. This lamp is made with a solid color with an artistic decoration, and variety of style choices available in two sizes, 55, and 65 cm.

source :

Lake Home in Switzerland

We'll show you a tastefully of a lakeside house design with a charming natural scenery. Walensee house is situated on the outskirts of Switzerland. Home design is simple but very elegant, and certainly very comfortable to live because it is located on the slopes of green pasture that allows you to enjoy the spectacular scenery of the area. This house was built with concrete material on its foundation so it is sturdy and safe. Beside that wood and glass are used as materials in the construction of this house. With a combination of existing material, designed a dwelling house which is very compact and thus blends harmoniously with the beautiful natural scenery. The design of this home provides an open living space with views out towards the surrounding landscape so that sunlight can enter to fill the entire interior. Covered by large floor to ceiling glass windows and sliding doors, the house looks bright and contemporary.

source :

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