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Beach House for Summer Holiday

Do you like the beach? maybe you have dreamed would like to have a house or resort which you can use as a holiday destination in summer? for that we'll show you a very attractive design that works from Jarmund / U.S. Vigsnaes Architects located in Vestvold, Norway. The project is constructed to be fully integrated to the surrounding environment. When we take a closer look to the house, it seems to be carved in stone and the overall design is showcased the beauty of the stone and wood in just perfect combination. Breathtaking view that is offered by the ocean is a value plus to the house design. The house is covered with Kebony wood that allows it to have a great durability to the exposure of salt water. The structure, foundation and roof blend together, creating a nice harmony with the surrounding. “The low elongated volume is cut into to allow for wind shielded outdoor areas, embraced by the house itself. These cuts also bring down the scale of the building, and together with the local variations of the section, make the building relate to the surrounding cliff formations. On the outer perimeter of terraces and pool, a glass fence also protects against wind, but allows for maximum view. “said the architects. 

source : www.homedug.com

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