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Crooked House in the a village Swiss Countryside

Do you want something different in the design of your home? or maybe those of you who have a soul that is unique and different to something general, the design of this house can make your inspiration to realize your dream home is certainly unique. The house is located in a village in Switzerland is built with 2 floors with a mix of architects modern house with a farmhouse with a bend so impressed to have a unique building form. The top floor makes an angle of 40 degrees which is located above the main building or rectangular. Design crooked on the top floor of this building has the objective to help protect the privacy of people who live in it, and make another house was built next to them. Large windows installed to meet the needs of natural light inside the room, but it is placed in front of rumah simple terrace offers a view of calm and allow us to enjoy the outdoors and fresh air 

The house faces south and the exterior is made from painted planks of pine that helps the design look more natural and inviting. The asymmetrical structure balances light and privacy while offering a modern house design in the countryside. On the inside, the rooms are painted in light colours to bring in even more natural light. All the ceilings are also made from wood and inspire a sustainable way of living.

 source : www.freshome.com

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