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Dining Room Lighting by Alex Scmid

Are you a fan of dinner at home? maybe for those of you who are busy and have a routine that high so it is very rare to have dinner with family at home. With this we would like to invite you to consider again that you try to have dinner at home with family. One way we are giving advice to you so that you redesign your dining room so similar like a fancy restaurant that appear attractive and inviting heart to be able to eat at home. Supporters of a design is to be like a restaurant is a light that illuminated the room to seem romantic. This lamp is designed flexibly so that it you can easily set what you want.You can set the lighting to be a single lamp or pull out those five reflectors and allow them to light up the room. This creative lamp allows you to adjust it in the way that you like but the density of the light will not change at all. This trendy Five Pack suspension lamp sure is a unique choice for your space. Manufactured by Ingo Maurer, the lighting is sold for £629.00 inc. VAT. 

source : www.homedug.com

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