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Elegance Bathroom with Leather Upholstering

Sometimes the impression of luxury is situated in an environment marked by luxury furniture empire. Therefore royal furniture designs are often adopted as the emblem of a person's reliability and success. Chic bathroom vanities following example, the collection from Cameo from Ypsilon said that the bathroom was inspired by the Queen Elizabeth's profile that reflects the greatness, pride, and elegance perfectly. With the traditional form of a simple but very elegant impression, By the corners of the design curve-shaped curve is gorgeous, plus the appearance of two unique shaped drawers made of genuine leather upholstering located underneath, can be used as storage space towels, soap, perfume and so on . To color the sink can be adjusted to taste, tailored to the combination of home interior design and color. While several options are available sink and skin color of his drawer, the white and black for the sink, and pink and beige to color drawers.

source : www.freshome.com

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