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How to make over your Bedroom into a Luxurious

Modern lifestyle nowadays, requires us to move quickly with nimble. So do not be surprised if our daily lives have a tendency to stress a very high level. With such a stressful situation, we can forget for a moment leave the daily routine filled with pressure to laze in bed, so we would feel comfortable, relaxed, and calm inside. To create a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere, then bedroom to be created an atmosphere that makes us feel at home in it and forget tired avocation. Here is some inspiration from a design-inspired bedroom decor spa with her adopted lighting, fabric, etc.

  • Have multiple sources of light: Lighting in your bedroom can make the difference between a sterile room and a soothing sanctuary.  Recessed lighting in your bedroom casts an even glow as opposed to a fluorescent light fixture. Use side lamps for task lighting, and consider installing a dimmer for overhead lighting. By controlling the lighting in your bedroom the mood can go from bright and energetic to soothing or romantic.
  • Make your bed the focal point: In your bedroom the bed takes front and center stage, as it should.  Decide which direction you enjoy sleeping and waking up to. For morning people, the bed facing the window is a welcomed site. For night owls, the bed faced against an accent wall and alongside the window wall works better.  The more you enjoy the bed and its position in your bedroom the more relaxed you will feel in the 
  • Use soothing colors: Nature inspired are soothing colors and relaxing. Moss greens, fresh water blues, and sand inspired tans makes the human body revert back to nature. This is why spas usually have the colors found in nature. Similarly in your bathroom, carry these colors into your towels, carpets and décor.
  • Lavish on the comfort: When choosing bedding, the saying is ‘you get what you pay for’.  Purchase the highest thread count sheets you can afford! Sheets will make the difference in your sleeping experience.  Luxury hotel beds feel heavenly because of their wonderful bedding.  Fluffy comforters, pillows your head sink into, and sheets that feel luxurious will make your bedroom feel the same way.
  • Soothing sounds: Do you prefer soft classical music, or prefer the soft trickle of water flowing in a nearby fountain?  Create an ambiance in your room with music that relaxes as well as rejuvenates. Meditation is becoming popular in bedrooms, and relaxing nature sounds can help you refocus and get centered.  Depending on your style of music bring soothing sounds into your bedroom and transport yourself into another state of well being.
  • Make your sanctuary smell heavenly: Light incense, and oils such as lavender added to your pillow will help you love your bedroom.  Fresh flowers, and nature inspired scents are the crowning touch for your luxurious retreat.  Open up the windows and let fresh air into your space routinely to bring natural breezes and to cycle in fresh air for your body and mind.

 Your bedroom should be the one place that there are no worries, and the world comes to a standstill until you are ready to join it again.  Use these helpful tips to turn your average bedroom into a retreat that is relaxing and luxurious.  Whenever possible, engage as many of the senses into your room to experience tranquility and peacefulness.  Once you do, you’ll wonder what took you so long! Freshome Reader’s how do you turn your bedroom into a luxurious retreat?  At the end of a long day, what makes your bedroom the perfect place to be? Leave your comments below, we’d love to hear.

source : www.freshome.com

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