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Smart Solution to Overcome the Narrow Apartments

Do you feel too cramped apartment? so that the space requirements you need to be not met?, when you expect the room to enter your apartment at the same time on one. Don't worry, we have a smart solution, practical and appropriate for you, with minimum effort you can have enough room to suit your needs. The inspiration of this intelligent project called "Switch". This project is owned by Yuko Shibata from Japan, where the idea of this project is the addition of two mobile walls intended to create extra working area inside the apartment. According to information from designers' The addition of two shelves of books, with each one with a big door, allowing us to create a space that can be used just like home and office, can be changed according to the will without changing the original floor. First added bookshelves to the meeting room with how to move the big door so that the meeting room can be divided into two parts. Addition of the second performed on a bed, where the bookshelves are placed side by side so that the room like a shelf office. For more details, can be seen in the photo below. If you are impressed with this project and requires information more clearly, then you can contact us. Photo by Hamda Ryohei.

source: www.freshome.com

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