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Summer Home Decor for Decoration Ideas

Summer Home Decor for Decoration Ideas Summer is finally here and as the heat glares down on us, we try to find new and different ways to cool our surroundings, making our home surroundings comfortable and pleasant for us to stay. So let's take a look at these summers home decor tips and make our homes cooler welcoming the summers with a bright smile.

Summer Home Decor for Decoration Ideas Light Colors Are The Summer Style
We are all aware that summer is the other name of lighter shades and colors. It gives a cool feeling. So don't limit lighter shades to your wardrobe only but extend them to your home as well. Do away with those bright magentas and reds from your decor. Blacks and browns, no matter sleek they may look, are not the hot favorites for summers. These bright colors are excellent for winter decorations but in summers they work just the other way round.
Instead go for lighter shades like whites, ivories and pastels. The home decor colors that are in this summer are lime greens, light blues and soft yellows. If you are thinking of repainting then it is best to go for these colors. Along with the wall colors the other important thing that you need to do is the use of the right kind of fabrics as well. Silk and synthetics are not made for the summers. It tends to get dusty easily and are best kept reserved for cooler months. Instead go for summer fabrics like cotton, linen or even jute. These fabrics make the living space airy and cooler.

Summer Home Decor for Decoration Ideas Do Away with the Clutter
Unnecessary things and clutter make even the best of houses look a complete mess. Instead go for a simple and bare look. This is especially useful in summers as clear spaces allow the circulation of air around the house. So it is best to pack away all those extra wall hangings and decoration pieces. The simple way of going about it is just throw in some extra pillows and you have yourself a completely new look. Also if you are too fond of carpets then try to control yourself and keep them packed away for the winters. Bare floors are much better for summers.

Summer Home Decor for Decoration Ideas Curtains and Windows
Sometimes curtains and windows can transform your home from a burning oven to a cool heaven. If you are going for blinds for your windows then go for bamboo materials. Heavy curtains will also do the trick. The aim is to keep the sun away from your home. If you are going for blinds then place them outside your window and not inside. If you have blinds inside the house then though the heat glare may be blocked, but you wouldn't be able to stop your house from getting heated up. On the other hand, if you have them outside the window then the sun's rays don't touch the windows, helping the house to remain cool.

Summer Home Decor for Decoration Ideas Plant those Plants
One of the easiest and most beautiful ways for summer home decor is going the natural way with plants. Add some indoor plants at the corners in your house to give a cool and pleasant look to your interiors. If there is a restriction of place then put those simple bamboo plants and see the difference in your interiors. Water bodies also create a pleasant ambience in your home. Fill a brass pot with water and float some candles to complete the summer look…

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