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Do you find the thought of building your home daunting and feel that you do not know where to begin? Dreamhouse Architecture is a website that has been created just for people like you.

We offer comprehensive details and tips on building the perfect house anywhere in the country. From a modern architecture house design to a traditional cottage plan, our website offers innumerable designs for plots of all sizes.

Browse through our designs and key in your specifications. We will get back to you with the full range that will meet your requirements. We can provide you an estimate for building a home according to your chosen plan in different parts of the country. In case our range of house plans does not meet your needs, our designers directory can help you locate a designer who will create a modern house plan incorporating your ideas.

IA modern architecture house design, also known as a contemporary house plan usually has a flat roof without a gabled or pitched roof. We can offer a modern house plan for a single level home or a two story house. Our designs with large glass windows and stucco walls without siding will enchant you. You can even locate a reputed builder from our builders’ directory.

Our twenty four hour helpline will answer any queries you may have regarding our services. Our team will try and solve any problems you may face while building your dream home.

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The modern house design project idea is to make a house whose patterns are related to simplicity and a strong contemporary language. Was based on rationalist projects: basic colors, lines, volumes, cigars, flat roofs, etc. It also sought to link the public with the outside environment, permeability sides by large glass panels and with the addition of patios, terraces and expansions. The organization of the work is linear comb, and that a horizontal movement to access the various areas served.

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