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How to Create a Uniquely Kitchen

Is your style more eclectic than the average person, and you want to add some creativity to your kitchen? Designing a creative kitchen can be difficult if you don’t have inspiration to draw from. Depending on your decorative style and what materials you prefer, your kitchen can be a one-of-a-kind treat to cook in. Here are tips for how to design a creative kitchen that will help you express your unique style.

  • Find inspiration: The first step is to always find inspiration from something you admire, makes your creative juices flow, or resonates a feeling inside you. For every person it can be different. A piece of artwork, a ‘to die for’ piece of a kitchen tile, or a designer pendant light that makes you want to design the whole kitchen around! Wherever you find inspiration, grab it and start your mission to creating your kitchen.
  • Pull in color: Depending on your kitchen style, you can have bold and bright colors, or decide on a neutral palette that has hints of creativity in thoughtful placement of appliances, or kitchen island seating. With the onset of more bold colors in kitchen cabinetry styles, shiny metallic backsplash materials, and wall paints in any color imaginable, your kitchen should reflect you and what you love in life. If you love the ocean, bring it into your aquamarine cabinets!

  • Get creative with wall material: Paint is always the mainstay for kitchens but there are several other materials to make it feel unique. Wall tiles, textured wallpaper and even stone are great options for the kitchen. Remember in lower areas below the upper cabinetry, surfaces that are washable are a great idea. While over the kitchen cabinetry and on adjacent walls away from food preparation textured finishes can be used. While creativity is key so is the ease of cleaning spaghetti sauce off the wall, right?
  • Mix and match styles: A part of designing a creative kitchen is bringing in styles that may not initially match, but still complement each other. Use wood surfaces mixed with shiny lacquer finishes and mix bold color cabinetry with muted tone walls. Eclectic styling creates a kitchen that you know won’t find anywhere else. The creative process is different for everyone, find what materials you like at your local home improvement store and bring home samples to see if your vision can be made a reality.

Creative storage: While the visual aesthetic is the first area we focus on in the kitchen, remember the functionality of your kitchen through creative storage should be considered also. Make the most of your kitchen with pullout organizers in your cabinets, recycling receptacles, and drawer organizers that take full advantage of space. Creative kitchens should look great and perform even better.
Your creative kitchen is easily in your grasp when following these simple steps. A creative kitchen can be an eclectic mix of materials, colors, functions, and organization options. If you can dream it, there is a good chance you can create it. The kitchen is where magic happens and how creative your surroundings are will make your experience that much better. Go on… get creating!


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