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Introducing...Wayne Visbeen

Tuesday's post this week was all about our Visbeen Associates Staff Christmas party, but have you met all of our stellar staff? If not, stay tuned to this blog! Over the next month or so I will introduce you to each of our talented staff members. Although most of you may know him, our introductions will start with our fearless leader - Wayne Visbeen:
Architect Wayne Visbeen attributes his passion for design to a childhood spent on construction sites. Visbeen’s father owned a construction company in his hometown of Wyckoff, New Jersey, and his grandfather was a self-taught architect and builder. It’s no surprise that Visbeen loves to design. His natural abilities to understand space and structure have taken him on quite a journey since receiving his graduate degree from Lawrence Technological University in 1986. After working in retail design for companies like Taubman Centers and The Gantos Group, Visbeen decided to start his own firm in the early 1990’s.

Since the creation of VAI, he has independently designed commercial and residential projects all over the world, and garnered many awards. As a licensed architect and registered interior designer, Visbeen has the ability to fit plans together inside and out. One of his strengths is a “live design” approach. Visbeen is an artist, and can sketch floor plans from scratch. The client expresses a vision, and he puts it on paper. Due to his unique ability to “design on-the-go,” Visbeen is able to travel, work and draw anywhere.

Wayne has been married to his wife Marcia for 29 years. Their three daughters, Jaclyn, Julia and Elise, are out of the house, so the Visbeens spend much of their free time traveling as a couple. Wayne also enjoys playing golf, riding his bike and spending time with friends.

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