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Medical Centre in France Villages

Today we will highlight a  design of medical centers that are used in the villages. Buildings this building is located in the Saint Germain Du Bois, Burgundy, France. Implementation of development projects handled by Arcad'26 which functioned as a public health service policy.
Construction of health center was established with an area of 774 square meters, with a very uniq entrance bridge made of wood. This bridge crosses bamboo vegetation, while the lobby is transparent on both sides. The building is determined in two main volumes that are created to maintain sufficient porosity. The total opening to the landscape through Bands shooting windows are showed in the consulting rooms. This modern medical service is in the Manichean opposition between space, which is aimed to maintain confidentiality of the practitioner and uncertain state of the patients. This contemporary health center is made of vernacular materials, eco-construction and eco-technology like green roofs

source : www.homedug.com

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