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Modern Kids Room Design Inspirations

Designing a perfect teen’s bedroom can be confusing. When the kid grows up we need to consider their opinions and styles. We could involve them to create a comfortable and suit with their age and needs. We’ve featured lots of attractive kid’s room design that can be used for teens as well. Before start picking up the furniture design or maybe arrange the layout, you need to choose the background color first. You can choose orange or red for creating fresh interior or paint the wall with blue, green and white for calm room design. After the painting is done you can move to the next step, which is selecting furniture design. To get suitable furniture, you may want to measure the room first and choose the furniture that will perfectly fit the room’s size. Choose necessary furniture only to avoid filling your kid’s room with unimportant items. You can fill the room with bed (it can be single, double or bunk bed), wardrobe, study desk, chair and bookshelves. Those are enough for making a comfortable kid’s room. When you already get the right furniture, you can start thinking about the layout. Choose a layout that provide an enough empty space and will not make the bedroom looks crowded. When those steps are done, you can add simple ornaments such as wall sticker, mural or others to make the bedroom look more alive. Below you can see 15 stylish and organized kids bedroom from Spanish designer Sergi that can enrich your ideas. 

source : homedug

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