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Remodeling Project of an Edwardian Terrace House

Situated in Hammersmith, London, below is a beautiful remodeling project of an Edwardian terrace house. Finished by Paul McAneary Architects, the house consists of three bedrooms with twofloor levels. The house is aimed to fulfill the client wish because they want a contemporary design and functionality. Besides that, the client also desires to have a garden as a continuation of the indoor area. The house is finished in concept that make the whole design is a 30-degree twist, offering physical and perceptive overlapping between the out and indoor. This concept let enough natural light to fill in the room during the day. The kitchen-living area is expanded to the externallandscape, giving perfect composition of connection between outdoor and indoor area. Complemented with frameless glass skylight and open fa├žade, the area is flooded by enough sunlight. The house is adorned with a small garden area at the backyard, which is near to the kitchen area. The floating external deck is an ideal spot for enjoying the warm of the sun or evening tea with family. Here is a few from the architect “The angle facilitates the overlap between the garden and kitchen thresholds – so whilst at the sink you feel the garden is actually behind you. This conceptual idea is manifest in the details of the faceted zinc facade and the floating external deck, being cut back to a fine angled edge.”

source: homedug

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