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Architectural Tutorial: Stairs


But which type of stairs lead to success? In today's architectural tutorial, we will be outlining the various types with pictorial examples from Visbeen Associates' home designs so you can judge for yourself!

1. Straight Run Stairs: have no turns, as the name implies. (http://www.build-home-building-house.com/stair_types.html)

The Sinclaire's straight run stair with open tread

2. L Stairs: has one landing at some point along the flight of steps.

The Westchester's L stair

3. U Stairs: may be constructed either as wide U or narrow U stairs. Both have two flights of steps parallel to each other with a landing between. (http://www.build-home-building-house.com/stair_types.html)

The Amblewood's U stair with some great details

The Blaine's U stair with a built-in booth on the landing - a detail like this really sets a common type of stair apart

4. Spiral Stairs: wind around a central pole. They typically do not have an inner handrail, just the central pole. (http://www.allwords.com/word-spiral+staircase.html)

The Pentwater's spiral stair with open tread

The Leland's spiral stair with open tread - what a great way to get up to the tower level!

5. Circular Stairs: do not have a central pole and there is a handrail on both sides. These have the advantage of a more uniform tread width when compared to the spiral staircase.

Torrey Pines' circular stair makes for a grand entrance

The Pinehurst's circular stair takes you from the basement all the way to the upper level

Two Creeks' stair circles around a fantastic chandelier in the entry

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