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Doing Laundry and Random Thoughts Pink Saturday 2/19/2011

Like most women I do the laundry in our house because I want to. I'm better at it plus I'm sure hubs appreciates me for it. Most of it is pink is some form or another. Who woulda guessed, huh? ;-)

I like thin white washcloths for our bath. I did some appliques to add color to them.

These are the everyday towels for our master bathroom. So far I've given away about 3-4 dozen towels and I still have enough to last me the rest of my life. Why do we collect so many towels? And I do NOT buy cheap towels. I love them soft and very thick. The 3-4 dozen I got rid of I gave to our granddaughter and sold some to a lady on Craigslist for $20 for 14 of them I believe. She was thrilled.

Two of our bath mats for our bathroom. I have 4 total for that room because I wash them regularly but hate to step out onto a bare floor. I like very thick white cotton—on both sides. No rubber-backed rugs for me. I put the extra bunny on top of the washer. While in Washington state visiting our great granddaughter last week I took 2 bunnies to her. Her mummy put them around the house for her to see and crawl over to them and investigate them. I thought it was a clever idea. She tucked them behind potted plants peeking out for Caroline to find.

Many years ago in California at Macys a sales clerk told me about some stuff they sold at the clothing and lingerie counters to get stains out really well. I bought a gallon and it lasted me for years and really was wonderful, but had a hard time finding it here in Idaho. It is call Z-out. So a friend told me about Tide Stain Release. She said it got everything out of her clothing. So I bought it several months ago and tried it on some old stained cotton T-shirts. Some were oil stains washed in for a long time. I just sprayed and voilà the shirts came out sparking clean. I was truly amazed and use it all the time now. Great stuff and I don't get a thing for saying this. Try it.

Just a very closeup shot of my Wash and Iron wood letters in my laundry.

Random Thoughts:

Hubby wore a pink tie and shirt to a get-together recently and a man said that he had a beautiful tie but he couldn't wear a pink tie. Hubs said, "It's been my experience that only men who are insecure in their masculinity are afraid of pink shirts." (Because he wears a lot of pink and red, purple and flamboyant colors.) The man said, "Oooooh, no, I don't have that problem." ;-) Shut him right up.

Then tonight he put on a pair of beige pants and a gray sweater. I just looked at him and said, "There goes a fashion faux pas out the door." He laughed, but he put a coat over it. I dress that man to the nines when we shop! I guess I had to let him have his day, right? "-)

What is it with these chicks that want to increase their booty size? For Pete's sake, I've been trying to reduce mine for years. I read that one young woman died from the procedure. I don't think a beautiful booty is worth dying for.

In the lexicon for women: Mall = Girl Country. If you're even in trouble, just run to the nearest indoor mall and yell "wife beater" loudly and see how many women and men come to help you out. They'll beat the mugger so badly he'll wish he'd never been born!

Children: men who have been in bed with the flu.

I love our new state of Idaho, but there are many, many neighborhoods where the lawn ornaments are Detroit F-250. It ought to be made illegal for Detroit to make lawn ornaments!

Precision matters in the law, brain surgery and lipliner/eyelash.

Mystery has an appeal that documented fact will always lack.

Until next time, chicks. :-)

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