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Fun and Colorful Drawer with Textile Container

Poki is a fascinating design by Holm Giessler & Jennifer Heimann which reinvents the whole concept of a drawer. The product is composed of two parts: the upper drawer- an element which is common for all similar designs and an unusual addition consisting of a colorful textile container. Seen on Hummm… I see, the idea is as simple as it is creative and out of the ordinary. According to the designers, it was “inspired by old Danish sewing tables. Wall mounted or with legs, Poki is a perfect supplementary element for your bedroom, lounge or vestibule.” Aside from its adaptability feature, we would like to emphasize on its unique appearance. Using various colors, one can create unlimited drawer combinations which can turn a common, expression-free interior into a fresh and captivating living area.

source : freshome

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