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Modern Office Studio by Dom Arquitectur

Pablo Serrano from Dom Arquitectura shared with us his company’s latest project, Dom Studio. Here is the description we received: “The place previously used as a store was completely isolated from the outside. The first action we took, was to open the interior space, both the street and the garden outside, so we designed a completely open iron carpentry without studs, continuous glass, providing natural light throughout the space. All the iron is dark graphite gray painted, the same of the interior furnishings. Across the glass surface is placed inside a dark gray screens, to control the space privacy. As an Architecture studio, we have some details about the profession, the graphite color of the pencils, the prevailing white color like papers and  the wall parallel. The inner wall of the room is very irregular. With the goal of unifying all these folds we proposed some horizontal lines that run through the wall, painted with the same gray that the continuous pavement. This allowed us to provide the wall of a plot in a gradient, starting with getting rid continuously and gradually breaking up until the roof.
We designed the Lamp that runs around the room, from some sections of iron flowing freely through space with convergent and divergent lines, covered with several sheets of folded parchment paper, as if they were the same studio plans. The result is an enlightened paper path through the roof. We propose an edge distribution, where 6 tables are based on the exterior side. In the same perimeter is placed a dark shelf, which runs through the space, we can put all the books and magazines worker’s hand and hide the strip turn providing the facilities for all jobs. The bathroom walls are painted in dark as an inverted room, the plan annotation dimensions remain drawn on the walls. We wanted to give this space a color point, and we loved the Campari lamp by Ingo Maurer, finally decided to reinterpret it with green Carlsberg bottles.”

source: freshome

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