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Original Wooden Espresso Machine by Oystein Helle Husby

Developed by Norwegian designer Oystein Helle Husby, the Linje expressomaker is an unusual coffee machine featuring a striking wooden finish. Found on Mocoloco, the product has a unique appearance and a well defined personality. Here is a description from the designer’ blog: As most of you know, coffee production is based around the equator. But we wanted to make the Nordic coffee. Not through the production of coffee beans, but through the users experience of making the coffee. The design would be our tool. So, what distinguishes nordic design? Wood, we thought. We have plenty of it, and the qualities of the material are many. By defining the core values of Norway and Scandinavia, and transforming these values into a design language, the result is a truly unique product. The machine is similar in function with other more common espresso makers, but its design definitely stands out.

source : freshome

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