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Shower in a bathroom for children

bathroom with Shower for children

It is quite common that we find the problem of having children and not having a bathroom, which make it very difficult task in the bathroom. To fix this, we Baby, a folding bath for children.

Baby is a simple folding bath that can be used with children up to 8 years old and that helps us to transform the small and uncomfortable shower in a spacious and comfortable bath. There may bathe the little ones without any problem and also a lot of fun.

The baby folding bath is made in a very tough material, non-slip and washable – can be machine washed at 60 degrees – and also has a side bag for storing toys or other items for the bathroom.

Another of the most striking detail of the folding bath baby is that you can use as mini-pool for children to have fun in the garden, terrace or patio during the summer months.

From : http://www.jazzbassment.com/home-improvement/bathroom-accessories-home-improvement/shower-in-a-bathroom-for-children.php

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