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Sublime Contemporary Residence Inspired by Traditional Japanese Architecture

Our friends at Decoist have showcased a beautiful, modern home, with a pinch of traditional Japanese influences. Inspired by the former traditional Japanese house that used to rise in the middle of the uncommonly shaped lot, the T House generously uses the available space to the maximum. Designed by Kazuya Morita Architecture Studio, the distorted pentagonal structure is located in Tsushima City, a small village in the vicinity of Nagoya, Japan. The young couple residing here wanted a modern home with comfortable features that would remind them of their Japanese heritage without having to give up space or aesthetics. Five main structural walls separate the indoor living areas under an uncommonly shaped roof. A dome-shaped ceiling, dressed in wood, covers the bright interiors. Natural light coming from every angle is ensured by the large windows. Japanese white plaster was used to create the round corners seen around the house and all the interiors use traditional wooden construction methods. The fortunate combination between old and new has left this particular residence with a gorgeous interior design, while the exterior respectfully blends in with the neighborhood.

source : freshome

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