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Architectural Tutorial: Contemporary Style

In our upcoming Architectural Tutorials, we will be outlining and defining architectural styles. Today's tutorial will cover contemporary architecture.

Contemporary architecture is typically defined as the "building style of the present day."* But the styles of present day have a variety of influences, so the term is not so easily characterized. The contemporary style has been known to "feature reflective surfaces, clean and sleek lines, innovative graphical patterns, unusual colors, rounded forms, and asymmetrical designs."**Contemporary homes often incorporate materials like stainless steel, polished marble, chrome and recycled materials and frequently deal with the monochromatic, minimalistic and neutral color schemes.

You may not know that in addition to our many traditional residential designs, Visbeen Associates has numerous contemporary homes in our portfolio of work. Here are just a few examples of our contemporary designs.

Sinclaire - Detroit Home Design Award Winner
Reynard - ARDA & Detroit Home Design Award Winner

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