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Artist’s Crib with an Intriguing Architecture in Melbourne

Today we will show an interesting design house located in Melbourne, Australia. This project was designed by Nervegna Reed Architects in collaboration with PH. History of the making of this project begins a  client ideas who wanted a contemporary home design that can be used as a gallery or a studio meeting the artists. Here is more on the structure of the residence from the architects: “The house extends over 3 levels; the entry is on the middle, ground level, where all the living spaces flow around a courtyard, which is a slice of a circle. The dispersed placement of objects, materials and functions on this level works much like a layout of a pinball machine, each surface hinting at a multitude of possible routes that one could take through the building, sometimes encouraging a certain movement, sometimes not. The front study with adjoining bathroom is for visiting artists. Downstairs is a basement gallery, indirectly lit by a concrete light shaft / skylight which also functions as a seat and a sculpture podium.” We appreciate the original approach to this contemporary living project, as well as the indoor-outdoor design similarities. What do you think? Is this place fit for an artist’s crib?

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