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Charming Bicycle Parking Table

Some of you may be very hobby cycling, both for exercise and to enjoy a leisurely cycling. Could you also possess a bicycle collecting hobby as ornamental articles. Here there is a unique and creative design in the form of a table that can be used as a place to lean / park your bike indoors. This table was created as a multifunctional table, in addition to the back of a bicycle, the top of this table can function as a space to put the goods, for example, laptops, mobile phones, ipod, or coffee. If for example you want to play with your favorite bike without having to exit the room, you can lean the bike to the table, as if you climb over a cup of coffee of your choice. A table of this bike back, has dimensions of 71cm x 90cm x 115cm, DH (28 "x 35" x 45 ").


source : freshome

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