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How to Modernize your Bathroom with Vessel Sinks

Bathrooms have come a long way in the past years, and finding ways to modernize a current bathroom is always a challenge of many homeowners. The most common way to bring an outdated bathroom up to modern day design trends is to update the major components: bathtub/shower, and sink. Since your guests use the sink every time they enter the bathroom, vessel sinks are a modern amenity that gives a lot of “bang for your buck”, and it gives an instant wow factor that homeowners and guests appreciate. Here are tips for modernizing your bathroom with vessel sinks.

Choose a sink that reflects in your bathroom:  Vessel sinks come in a variety of styles to match any decorative style you may have in your bathroom. If your bathroom is a natural blend of Zen inspired influences, a natural stone vessel sink may be more in tune with your decorative style. While a modern and minimalistic bathroom with sleek cabinetry and fixtures may opt for a glass or lacquered look finish sink with complimentary plumbing controls.

 Make your vessel the showstopper of the bathroom: The joy of vessel sinks is their ability to show off their functionality and beauty at the same time. Create a focal point of your bathroom with vessel sinks that look as beautiful as their duty. From vessel sinks that infuse a lighting fixture from below, to vessel sinks that look like a piece of artwork. Discover why homeowners love their unique vessel sinks.

Coordinate the plumbing controls with the sink: Plumbing fixture controls have had to step their “game” up too, with the onset of popularity of vessel sinks. Since vessel sinks can have a small or large profile (the distance the bowl sits above the counter) this dictates what type of plumbing fixture controls you will need. Deck mounted, or faucets and controls that come out of the counter are an option, but will need a long neck. Wall mounted fixtures that extend from the wall is a gorgeous option that resembles a water fountain coming from the wall, and will require enough extension of the faucet to reach the sink bowl.

  • Versatile vessel sinks: While many homeowners enjoy having vessel sinks in the guest bathroom as a show-off piece, vessel sinks are also popular in children’s bathrooms and the master bathroom. Scaled down versions of giant bowls can be used for the kids, while vessel trough sinks that feel like you’re bathing out of an artisan crafted basin are popular too. For inspiration, visit sink manufacturer’s catalogs and online display of ideas for any bathroom in your home.
Adding a vessel sink in your bathroom can modernize and enhance your the aesthetics of your space. From the guest bathroom to the master, vessel sinks add a touch of modern sophistication to any bathroom. For a more dramatic presentation, consider visiting home builders trade shows, and home & patio shows in your local area. You will be pleasantly surprised of all the new vessel sinks on the market! From innovative materials, like metals, and temperature sensitive glass sinks to sinks that have changing lights and colors! Modernize your bathroom today with a beautiful vessel sink.

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