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Impressive Architectural Resident Style in New York

The following we present a design house with an impressive architectural style. Houses with an area of ​​2100 square feet is located in New York. Actually, this house is a garage space which was redesigned by the Mesh Architectures to be used as a dwelling house. According to the owner "Steve Burns 'Brooklyn', making home design is intended to entertain his guests who come to visit, both relatives and locals alike. The wall is intentionally disclosed the composition of the bricks, and some walls of the room consists of wooden skating so it looks natural. The lounge was designed as an open space so that a small garden can be seen clearly from the lounge is only limited by the walls of translucent glass. On the second floor there are several rooms, the master bedroom, bathroom, living room / kitchen, with deck boards made of Coney Island. 

source : freshome

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