Pink Saturday 4/30/2011

Another Pink Saturday from Beverly at How Sweet The Sound. To visit all the participants, just click on the logo below and go visit with them.

More up-close shots of roses around my house. I set the camera to close-up and zeroed in pretty close. I had my flash on. This is what the Canon can do. Love that camera. Love the roses more though. ;-)

This is my coffee filter rose so close I can even see the glue on it. Hmmm, must remember to pick off those strands.


Random Thoughts:

I'm probably one of the few out of billions of people who didn't watch the royal wedding and, actually, haven't even been following it or caught up in the glitz of it. I'm not a royal follower. I did see a picture of her in her dress this morning when I came in to read my morning news on the internet though and I must say she was lovely. Her dress was simple but gorgeous. I've always thought Diana's dress was the ugliest wedding gown I'd ever seen. Oh, do NOT get me wrong. Diana was a lovely woman, but I don't think her style came through until years later. I most certainly wish the couple happiness, but I pity her for marrying a future king. They traditionally have mistresses and I know I couldn't share my hubby with anyone. I want commitment from my man and want to be the only woman in his life. I want someone to marry me who thinks I'm his queen and will remain faithful in this life and the next. And I did marry one.

A few weeks ago I read where Chicago banned homemade lunches and chocolate milk in their schools. Easter eggs are now called Spring Spheres. How silly is this and where will the insanity stop? My lunches from home were better fare than what came out of the cafeteria. Plus, I hate milk, but love hot chocolate. My kids went mostly to private schools just for this reason. My son took an English class and was taught by a Mexican woman who spoke to the kids in Spanish! He couldn't understand her so I got him out of that class as fast as I could make the phone call. That's when I decided to send them to private schools. He now speaks Spanish fluently, but that was after he learned proper English.

I also read a few days ago that calling animals "pets" is insulting. WHAT??? I know how most of you feel about your animals, but calling them pets is not insulting. That's what they are. Fur children is what my daughter calls her 3 cats and 2 dogs and she loves them more than ME! Insanity.

Did you know fingerprints are just friction ridges? Yep, that's what the experts call them.

A father's duty is to protect his children, right after loving their mother. I cannot tell you how sad I feel for those without their fathers. And that is increasing in this age of promiscuity. If a man loves you he will want to make you his wife and have you bear his children.

I think you've had enough of my ramblings for one day. Ooooh, I'm getting better day by day with this foot surgery. ;-)

Vote for Paul Fikse!

Our Vice President, Paul Fikse, is currently running for Byron Center Public School Board in the upcoming election on May 3, 2011. Paul is involved in the community through his three children currently attending Byron Center schools. You may have seen him at one of many equestrian, swimming, volleyball, baseball and other sporting events that he has been involved with and attended over the years. Fikse has most recently added participation in the Watch Dog Dads program to his contribution to the school district. According to Fikse, "it is undeniable how important the education of our children is. The knowledge and skills they learn in the classroom and in extra curricular activities will serve each student in developing the framework for the rest of their life. This is noteworthy both as a parent and for the community at large." He has always been a big proponent for public education after growing up in a large school district in the suburbs of Chicago. Fikse says, "I've always worked towards excellence, and given the opportunity to join the school board, I will work with that same goal in mind while also being a positive influence on the education system in Byron Center." Vote for Paul Fikse on May 3, 2011!

Spring Has Finally Arrived

Yesterday I was able to get out into the yard to photograph the spring growth in the yard. It felt wonderful! Anyway, I'm sharing a few things today. Also, a friend, Stacy, who is a professional photographer, came over the other day and showed me some editing features on my iPhoto that even I didn't know. She's so very good on her computer and really put me to shame showing me things that I sat in stunned silence for several seconds since she isn't even on a Mac. I'll be doing more practice with my camera around the house today. I'm very blessed to count this young chick as my friend.

This is our apple tree blossoming out.

Using my close-up setting on my Canon proves you can get good up-close photos.

This wasn't the best up-close photo but I'll share my failures as well as my successes.

Our new cherry tree.

My favorite tree is Quaking Aspen. I just love how the leaves flutter in the slightest breeze.

Hubby's Concord grapes are budding out also. Did you know you can actually watch grapes grow as they grow so fast, probably an inch every few days and can easily grow 15 ft. in one season? (Nope, I didn't focus correctly on this one either.)

Architectural Tutorial: Shingle Style

The Shingle style is an architectural style that is uniquely American. Simply defined, it a style in which the entire building is covered in shingles. It developed in the late 1800's out of the Stick and Queen Anne styles because of a revived interest in colonial American architecture from the 17th century. The style is characterized by having a picturesque or rustic look, with irregular roof lines including hipped, gabled, or gambrel, free-flowing floor plans, open porches, and less variety in color and materials.*

Over the years, we have become known for our work in traditional residential architecture, including the numerous shingle style homes we have designed. Take a look at a few of our designs as well as some of our uniquely original variations.

This dramatic design, called the Westchester, takes its inspiration from the past but retains the best of the present.

Our most recognizable design - the Ingleside. The challenge of this modern version of the shingle-style was to recreate the classic look while avoiding the pitfalls of the original materials.

Touches of the ever-popular Shingle Style – from the cedar lap siding to the pitched roof – imbue the Wainsborough with all-American charm without sacrificing modern convenience.

Filled with traditional accents, this Shingle-style design, called Cypress Pointe, features a stylish exterior and a thoroughly livable interior.

The Blaine was inspired by both the relaxed aspect of the Shingle Style and the all-American Four Square found around the country.

Ideally suited for property across the street from a lake, this distinctive, shingle-style home is designed for primary viewing from its expansive wrap-around porch and myriad front-facing vantage points.


Room Guide: Laundry Rooms That Work For You

For many people, laundry day is the most dreaded day of the week. Sorting, washing, stain fighting, folding - it can be an exhausting task. But what if your laundry room could take some of that dread away by simplifying this household chore? Visbeen Associates designs laundry rooms for living - functional, cheerful and organized so that wash day becomes just another day of the week. According to Wayne, here are few key elements of a successful laundry room...

1. Systems: Develop a system for the coming and going of your laundry and make sure the storage in your laundry room properly adapts to that system. Baskets, cubbies, hanging space and plenty of counter space for folding are key elements of an effective laundry system, so be sure your laundry room accommodates.

The Wainsborough's laundry room has ample storage space and having a front-loading washer/dryer allows for additional counterspace.

Inverness' laundry room includes closed cubboard space, open shelving for cute touches and even a space for hanging clothes above the washer & dryer. This proves you don't need to have a lot of space to include key elements of a successful laundry room!

2. Multi-use: If you can have your laundry room serve multiple functions, it will be a more effective space. You can literally "multi-task" and get multiple chores done at the same time as doing the laundry when you have a home management system built right in. For some of our clients, we have incorporated sewing space so that their clothes would never again be lost in mending never-never-land. Or we have built in pet accessories into the space so that they aren't taking up floorspace. Constantly tripping over a doggie bed under toe can make any task less enjoyable!

The laundry room for Two Creeks is a great example of multi-use. This room has a built-in doggie bed in the corner to keep the home's kanine out of the working area.

Sunset View's laundry space not only displays great storage solutions, but the wrapping paper station under the open shelving also shows another way of creating a multi-functional space. Why not get your wrapping done while waiting to switch a load?

3. Windows: If your home allows for it, we recommend having a window in your laundry room. No one wants to feel cooped up while they are working, so why not have a nice view of the outdoors while you sort and fold? And if you are able to put a window, that means that your laundry would be on an outside wall of the home, making it much easier for venting to go to the outside. Efficiency, efficiency, efficiency!

Pemberley's laundry room has a large window, allowing for ample daylight to illuminate the space at the same time as providing a great view of the home's beautiful surrounding landscape.

In this laundry room, using the sink also means being able to enjoy the outdoors through the window.

4. Workspace Adjacency: The age old question of where to place the laundry - do you put it on the main floor, next to the master bedroom or upstairs by the other bedrooms? Our answer - place it near where you work. If you spend a good portion of your time cooking, place it near the kitchen. If you spend the majority of your time in your upstairs living spaces, then place it near your favorite spots upstairs. Your laundry experience will be more efficient and enjoyable if you do not have to travel so far from where you work to the laundry room.

The Stafford's laundry room keeps in mind all of the key elements of a successful space - ample counterspace, systematic storage, a place for hanging clothes and it is located on the main level of this home, close to the kitchen and with a great view of the backyard pool. This homeowner can complete the laundry chore, enjoy the view and still keep an eye on the kids playing out back - a true multi-tasker!

We cannot talk about laundry room placement without including Two Creek's laundry room. This room is located on the main level of the home with a dutch door to the back hallway directly across from the home management center and a pocket door to the right which leads to the pantry connected to the kitchen. A great way to stay connected to the kitchen workspace without guests being able to view directly into the laundry room.

So with just a few key elements, instead of your laundry putting you to work, you can have a room that works for you!

Just Checking In 4/25/2011

My photography skills are sorely lacking this morning, but I needed to post. Sorry. I am just checking in to let you know I'm doing well, probably better than expected. That is not to say there isn't still pain; there is. But I am mobile, sick of watching videos on my MacBookPro, bored and hoping for a fast recovery. Some of you know exactly what I mean. It's hard for me to stay down and not have the freedom of cleaning my house as I'd like it. I shall persevere for the next few weeks and not complain...MUCH. In the meantime enjoy the terrible photo of what is next to my bed...

and know that I almost fell off my office chair getting the photo of how th' foot is coming along. ;-)

Swelling is going down rapidly, but then I keep ice on that foot for hours a day. The dark spots on the left inside heel and the outside of the foot are not shadows; they are bruising that is healing nicely.

The best bedroom design 2010

fROM :

Kitchen Design Ideas : Wonderful Pink Kitchen Decorating

Kitchen Design Ideas Wonderful Pink Kitchen Decorating-Pink Kitchen

This kitchen design with a beautiful pink color to make all activities in the kitchen more enjoyable. Activity in the kitchen that is identical with the color pink women’s work into a perfect blend of elegance of a woman with beautiful pink color.

This design is unique with a woman who likes to color with an elegant pink color. Decorating a good reference for those of you who want to design a kitchen with the impression of a woman’s elegance. Kitchen Design Ideas : Wonderful Pink Kitchen Decorating
Kitchen Design Ideas Wonderful Pink Kitchen Decorating-Pink Kitchen Design

Kitchen Design Ideas Wonderful Pink Kitchen Decorating-Pink Kitchen Decorating

Kitchen Design Ideas Wonderful Pink Kitchen Decorating-Beautiful Pink Kitchen

From :

How to Creatively Add More Shoe Storage to your Closet

In every home there is a certain item(s) that is the culprit of most storage problems. In the kid’s rooms it may be too many toys and in the garage it is too many boxes. If you are someone who enjoys shoes, and actually have more shoes than clothes, your closet storage may be paying the price! Shoe storage is a challenge because of the space needed, and that pairs of shoes must stay together for organization and ease of finding. If you are struggling with finding more shoe storage, try these simple tips:

Assess you current shoes and storage area: There are several different shoe scenarios that need to be determined first. In order to create storage, you will need to purge, donate, or throw away. Determine if your current shoe stock are shoes that you actually wear or if they are old and need to be removed. If you actually wear the shoes then a plan for storage is in order.

  • Separate your closet into areas: Shoe storage can be as simple as a shelf, or it can be as elaborate as a formal shoe organization ‘system’, complete with clear bins, and photographs of the shoe on the outside of the bin. Determine what areas of your closet can be used for only shoes. Shoes shouldn’t be intermingled with hanging clothes. The better line of site you have to your shoes the better. Separate clothes, accessories, large items in an adjacent area away from shoes.
  • Treat your shoes like display: If you have shoes that are as beautiful off your feet as on, you may consider storing your shoes like display items! Consider using creative shelves, and decorative molding to hang heeled shoes from. This display will make it easy to pick shoes out in a hurry and make your bedroom look ultra chic! Closet organization systems can be made to look as beautiful as cabinetry and custom millwork. Depending on your budget and your decorative style, there is a shoe display to meet your needs.

Give current storage a multifunctional purpose: Look through your current storage closet and see where you can steal space. Use hanging shoe dividers on the back or inside of closet doors. Use upper shelves of closets, and maximize vertical height by adding on shoe shelving. If you have space, dedicate an entire coat or broom closet to shoe organization. You may be able to relocate household items to a laundry room or utility room hanging wall storage area. Use under bed rolling clear bins for seasonal and occasional footwear to maximize space in your closet for everyday shoes.

Shoe storage in your home shouldn’t be difficult and depending on how many shoes you have, it can be made easier by following these tips. Consider how much space you have to work with and consider accruing less shoes than you have space for. In order for your shoe storage to work for an extended amount of time you will have to keep track of your growth. If you are an avid shoe shopper, your creative storage area will need to be able to accommodate growth, or you will be stuck right back in the same place, again!

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