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Architectural Tutorial: Shingle Style

The Shingle style is an architectural style that is uniquely American. Simply defined, it a style in which the entire building is covered in shingles. It developed in the late 1800's out of the Stick and Queen Anne styles because of a revived interest in colonial American architecture from the 17th century. The style is characterized by having a picturesque or rustic look, with irregular roof lines including hipped, gabled, or gambrel, free-flowing floor plans, open porches, and less variety in color and materials.*

Over the years, we have become known for our work in traditional residential architecture, including the numerous shingle style homes we have designed. Take a look at a few of our designs as well as some of our uniquely original variations.

This dramatic design, called the Westchester, takes its inspiration from the past but retains the best of the present.

Our most recognizable design - the Ingleside. The challenge of this modern version of the shingle-style was to recreate the classic look while avoiding the pitfalls of the original materials.

Touches of the ever-popular Shingle Style – from the cedar lap siding to the pitched roof – imbue the Wainsborough with all-American charm without sacrificing modern convenience.

Filled with traditional accents, this Shingle-style design, called Cypress Pointe, features a stylish exterior and a thoroughly livable interior.

The Blaine was inspired by both the relaxed aspect of the Shingle Style and the all-American Four Square found around the country.

Ideally suited for property across the street from a lake, this distinctive, shingle-style home is designed for primary viewing from its expansive wrap-around porch and myriad front-facing vantage points.

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