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How to Creatively Add More Shoe Storage to your Closet

In every home there is a certain item(s) that is the culprit of most storage problems. In the kid’s rooms it may be too many toys and in the garage it is too many boxes. If you are someone who enjoys shoes, and actually have more shoes than clothes, your closet storage may be paying the price! Shoe storage is a challenge because of the space needed, and that pairs of shoes must stay together for organization and ease of finding. If you are struggling with finding more shoe storage, try these simple tips:

Assess you current shoes and storage area: There are several different shoe scenarios that need to be determined first. In order to create storage, you will need to purge, donate, or throw away. Determine if your current shoe stock are shoes that you actually wear or if they are old and need to be removed. If you actually wear the shoes then a plan for storage is in order.

  • Separate your closet into areas: Shoe storage can be as simple as a shelf, or it can be as elaborate as a formal shoe organization ‘system’, complete with clear bins, and photographs of the shoe on the outside of the bin. Determine what areas of your closet can be used for only shoes. Shoes shouldn’t be intermingled with hanging clothes. The better line of site you have to your shoes the better. Separate clothes, accessories, large items in an adjacent area away from shoes.
  • Treat your shoes like display: If you have shoes that are as beautiful off your feet as on, you may consider storing your shoes like display items! Consider using creative shelves, and decorative molding to hang heeled shoes from. This display will make it easy to pick shoes out in a hurry and make your bedroom look ultra chic! Closet organization systems can be made to look as beautiful as cabinetry and custom millwork. Depending on your budget and your decorative style, there is a shoe display to meet your needs.

Give current storage a multifunctional purpose: Look through your current storage closet and see where you can steal space. Use hanging shoe dividers on the back or inside of closet doors. Use upper shelves of closets, and maximize vertical height by adding on shoe shelving. If you have space, dedicate an entire coat or broom closet to shoe organization. You may be able to relocate household items to a laundry room or utility room hanging wall storage area. Use under bed rolling clear bins for seasonal and occasional footwear to maximize space in your closet for everyday shoes.

Shoe storage in your home shouldn’t be difficult and depending on how many shoes you have, it can be made easier by following these tips. Consider how much space you have to work with and consider accruing less shoes than you have space for. In order for your shoe storage to work for an extended amount of time you will have to keep track of your growth. If you are an avid shoe shopper, your creative storage area will need to be able to accommodate growth, or you will be stuck right back in the same place, again!

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