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Small but Charming Apartment offers Comfort Warm

Today we will try to show a small apartment designs are simple but stands out impressed. The apartments are equipped with two rooms plus kitchen and living room with an area of ​​65 square meters. Although small in size but it looks spacious, this is because in the living room has a spacious design. Not much visible in the living room furniture, simple concepts are also outlined in the bedroom, and kitchen. Elections tend to be dominant white color, so having the impression of light and bright. Interestingly also, one corner of the room there is a beautiful fireplace, so it will add to the atmosphere is warm. Furniture of the selected few to show the impression with the concept of a minimalist black and white, for example, coffee table and desk / study that looks sweet. The living room contained a comfortable white sofa is used to relax and unwind but has an attractive design. Selected by the selection of bed king size with color covers eye-catching red. Besides the design of this apartment has a beautiful terrace with a rural feel.

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