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The Incredible Cottage Villa in Durban , South Africa

Speaking about the villa, it is not loose with the beautiful natural scenery around the reassuring spirit. Here we will show a design villa situated in Durban, South Africa. Villa named "Wright House" was designed by architect Elmo Swart. The shape of this design is very unique, because it has a different design in general. Where the cottage is designed villa combines natural elements and modern elements. It appears from the outside has a modern impression with an open car garage under the ground floor of the building. The corners of the building formed asymmetric, so it seems futuristic. The interior design is also not less interesting, supporting all aspects of the overall design, where several rooms designed natural, especially in every bedroom there is a large window that can be used to view the outdoors from inside. Overall this villa cottage building has a traditional three-bedroom, entertainment room and an art gallery.

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