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Home Decorating Ideas Inspired Flower

An integral part of our lives are flowers, no occasion is considered complete without their presence. Life is the biggest celebration and everyday has its own charm. By adding floral elements to our home we can feel close to nature every day. By making some creative home decoration self inventions we can beautify any space, the article discusses a few of them below.

Home Decorating Ideas Inspired FlowerColours: Colour scheme of a home plays an important role in deciding the ultimate look. Hues for wall paints, furniture and furnishings need to be in sync with each other or you can even try mixing and matching the different elements together to bring out a distinctive look. Your choice of colour scheme would be heavily influenced by the theme you choose. To add the floral touch you can make use of colours like reds and browns, yellow and purple or even pink and white; there are no rules for the colour selection it completely depends upon your love for flowers. You can even take help of a colour chart to know which colour will go with your choice, for instance if you love sunflowers you can look out for the hues that will suit the sunny yellow.

Lights: Lighting completes the look of a home and lets people create the atmosphere they want. Pastels or the flashy colours over your walls, the furniture and furnishings etc need to be highlighted and effective lighting can do this. You can create shadow effects with fixtures or chandeliers; imagine a lotus shaped fixture lighting a room and the beautifully scattered light all around the room or tulip shaped chandelier hanging from the ceiling. There are many other ways in which lights can be the icing on the cake of your home decorating activity.

Patterns: Floral patterns are always in style and go with possibly everything in the home. Table cloth or wall painting or the false ceilings or the window glasses, delicate floral motifs have a charm of their own and can woo anybody. Whether you choose a light colour scheme for an elegant look or make use of bold colours to make a catchy statement; the patterns will bring an altogether different perspective to your home.

Just like nature forever surprises us, flower power can too. So never think you are falling short of ideas to dress up your home, you can always walk around a florist's shop for some inspiration or even smell the fresh flowers to feel the pure and unadulterated essence of nature. All this can be artistically captured in your home decorating exercise.

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