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Room Guide: Kid's Spaces

"If I could see the world
through the eyes of a child
smiling faces would greet me all the while.
Like a lovely work of art,
it would warm my weary heart
just to see through the eyes of a child"
~ Patsy Cline, "If I could see the world"

Some of the most enjoyable places we get to design are children's spaces in the home, because it means that we get to see the world through a kid's eyes. These are spaces where caution can be thrown to the wind and imaginations can run wild. Here are a few things to keep in mind...

1. Let them be who they are: A kid's space can be an extension of who they are, what they like, and what their passions are. Make their room an environment that encourages their creativity and interests. That may mean redecorating in a few years if their passions change, but hey, that will just give you the opportunity to try a new design!

This playroom gives the grandchildren of this household a place to be who they are, with space to play and areas for imagining.

The sky's the limit in this aeronautical themed room.

A room fit for a little princess, complete with canopies and a whimsical starry night scene.

Yes, a teenager lives in this pad, fit with a dj turn station, hanging bunk beds for slumber parties and interchangeable posters adorning the walls.

These parents have a gamer on their hands!

This room's teenage inhabitant can literally "hang" out in her room, display her awards and photos and enjoy the psychedelic colors and decor of her space.

2. Embrace the outdoors: Is your child an avid outdoorsman? Embrace it! Why not bring the outdoors in?

Do you live in the city, but have a child that belongs on a farm? No problem! This barn-themed room leaves a place to study, watch TV (hidden at the top of the silo) and house the play animals for your little farmer.

Inside the barn, you will find original murals done by the kiddos themselves! A great way to let their artistic talents run free.

Does your child love outdoor playhouses? Well they can make a great home for your child's bed, complete with a loft above for playspace.

This bedroom feels like sleeping in the woods, minus the bugs, dirt and creatures!

3. To share or not to share: Ah, the age old question of families with multiple children. Here are some ways your kids can share without having to share too much.

Half walls between the beds create separate spaces for each child to call their own while the overhead loft is a common play area.

The above two photos show a sister's retreat - each girl has their own bedroom and bathroom space that is adjoined with a common play area. The dutch doors offer each child the ability to have semi or full privacy from the other.

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