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Castles, Cottages and Roses for Show Off Your Cottage Monday

Welcome to Cielo's Show Off Your Cottage Monday. I like participating but these are not photos of my cottage, a very humble home in Idaho, but filled with love. I'll try and get some vignettes from around my home for next week but I'm redoing the office and that's taking a bit of time at the moment. I just thought I'd show you some people's castles and cottages. Click on the logo below to visit other participants. Enjoy.


When we went to Ireland in the mid-80s I saw enough castles to last me a lifetime. Ireland is FULL of castles. I love them, but they are very, very cold inside. Ireland is a rather cool country and very rainy. It's a relatively small country with 6 million people. California has about 15,000,000 people alone, so you can imagine how small it is. But it's a very beautiful and friendly country. You would not enjoy living in those castles though.

Isn't this cute? What a clever idea for a party.

Not a castle but a rather delightful home of someone.

"Someone's" castle.

Each woman's and man's home is their castle. Tiny but adorable.

A tropical castle.

Staircase to a castle bedroom? :-) Sure looks majestic to me.

Two of the most gorgeous bottles I've ever seen. I just had to share this with you.

Castle on the water. What a view.

No one wants advice - only corroboration.

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