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Coffee Filter Pompoms

Do you ever get caught up in what you should do, what you are expected to do, what you want to do and whirl about until you're just sobbing? That was me the other night.

I'm not sure why; maybe it was just melancholy. Hubs had to go out to a meeting and I was crafting for the first time in a very long time. When crafting I usually think a lot about life, not particularly about the craft I'm doing. So the sobs just hit me...BOOM!

You would think at my age life would be uneventful and easy but it rarely is for anyone actually, at any time. We're all pulled in several different directions at any given time in our lives. I'm the same as you, blogger chicks.

So after painting these little hanging lanterns I decided to put some coffee filters that I had dyed pink—various shades of pink—to some use. I have several hundred of them hanging in the craft room on a string. And it took a LOT of coffee filter! I still have a lot left though so I'll be making a tutorial on the roses I make from them to send to a woman who wants to learn. I'll post it on here at some point so you can make them also. They are easy, trust me.

Here I am just starting to glue them to the lantern.

It doesn't look like I've put many more on in this photo but I have. It's "filter" intensive; believe me.

Looking more like what I'm wanting in this photo.

Here is the completed lantern. Since I dyed these with red food coloring and the filters are very absorbent, there are many different shades of pink. Plus these are the round scalloped filters but when subjected to the dye water they aren't ruffled anymore. Next time I'll use them straight from the package, white and scalloped. It will definitely be a different effect but this is what I had at the moment and it is acceptable to me.

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