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Shades of Purple and Lavender

I think I've won the battle with the photos appearing far away from the appropriate text. I'm using a template. Very easy to do, bloggers. Just try it. My tutorial on it is here, so go view it and please ask any questions you may have. I'm here to help and have helped many bloggers and eBay sellers.

My daughter, granddaughter, great granddaughter and I all love purple and lavender along with pink of course. In fact, at the tender age of 2 years old, Miss Caroline will always choose something purple/lavender even over pink. But she loves pink also. While skyping recently with GD and GGD, I saw little clogs on her tiny feet. Mandy held her feet up showing me her green clogs. Then she held up a pair of pink ones, just like mine. I asked why she didn't have the pink ones on. She told me that they were too small but she couldn't get out of the store without them so she bought her the green ones since they were her size and she could wear those. Caroline is persistent! So she has a pair of pink ones she can't wear because they're too small and the green ones she will wear because they're her size, so she carries the pink ones around in her little hands. She's so funny!! (And spoiled!) But when I visit them over in Washington, Caroline always has to slip her tiny feet into my big pink clogs and try walking around in them. I wear them when we travel so I can take them off in the car and slip them on when we stop to eat or take a break. When we arrive she always has to have mine to wear as I take off my shoes when I'm in a house. Silly kid.

I love, love, LOOOOVE pink stripes. I had a pink striped sofa once but sold it for $150.00 when we moved because I didn't have room for it. I'm sorry I did now because the slipcover alone cost me $800.00 and I loved it. This one is adorably cute however.

I find this room very pretty. I'd do pink on those chairs though. ;-)

I also love doing ribbon embroidery but haven't done much in the past few years. But when I saw this pillow it just zinged my heart. I find it absolutely stunning.

My son in Southern California has tile floors and I like them but they would be too slippery for this ol' lady. I'd like wood floors but hubby says to wait a while so I shall. I also find this mantle beautiful.

Darling room with an ornate fireplace.

I've seen this dining room on the internet and blogs several times and really like its coziness.

Purple, lavender and periwinkle. Love these colors, especially in this tranquil setting.

Beautiful way to display towels.

Lavender fields in a lovely setting to have a picnic.

Absolutely stunningly gorgeous vanity.

Here's that periwinkle color again partnered with green. How dizzying is that!

A pretty cottage for you to view.

An old cottage for you to drool over.

What caught my eye in this photo was that gorgeous rug under the coffee table. It's a lovely room but I'd need more color than just the rug and the red on the pillow.

No snowflake in an avalanche ever feels responsible. Remember that the next time you gossip. I’m trying my best to stop it. I truly AM!

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