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Architectural Tutorial: The American Farmhouse

When you think of the word "farmhouse," does your mind immediately go to a picturesque rural landscape with the sun setting behind a field of shoulder-height corn, bare-footed children running around and John Deere tractors parked nearby?  Not all farmhouses are straight out of The Little House on the Prairie.  They have classic design elements from a variety of architectural styles, including Cape Cod, Georgian and Victorian, that can fit in just about any American neighborhood.

Some of the core elements of the American Farmhouse style include dormers, covered porches, and white paint with floor plans that are both practical and pleasant for a growing family.  Originally, more formal spaces were placed near the front of the home, but in modern day, formal spaces are being left by the wayside to gathering spaces with an overall feeling of welcome and comfort.  One thing that can be said about this style is that it gives an general feeling of nostalgia of a simpler time, with a sentimental connection to the land surrounding it and our country's rich architectural history.  Come to think of it, maybe a home design straight out of The Little House on the Prairie wouldn't be all bad!

Here are a few of Visbeen's farmhouse designs....

Packed with plenty of farmhouse flavor, the design of the Madison was inspired by the past but features the best of the present.

Farmhouse meets Four Square in Valley Ridge's classic four bedroom, 4 1/2 –bath American design.

Classic yet comfortable, the Hillsborough draws upon a long tradition of American farmhouses and captures the ease and elegance of a simpler time. Like the farmhouses it emulates, the house looks as if it has been added on to through the years, giving it a variety of interesting angles and additions perfect for a long, narrow lot.


Another classic American farmhouse design with all of the amenities and floor plan flow of modern day.


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