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You be the judge!

We need your help!  One of our projects, the Highfield, is up for the Global Choice Award as part of the AIBD's American Residential Design Awards, so WE NEED YOUR VOTES!  The deadline is coming up FAST - all votes need to be in by midnight on Tuesday, August 6!  Here is how to cast your vote....

Step 1: Visit AIBD's Global Choice Award ballot page. (http://aibd.org/for_professionals/2012_Global_Choice/index.html)
Step 2: Click Custom Luxury entry #1c-12-002 (our project, the Highfield) to view a slideshow of the images and floor plans of this beauty!
Step 3: Click on the phrase at the top of the page, you will see a phrase that says "Vote for one of the Global Choice entries."
Step 4: That link will take you to the final part of the ballot where you enter your name and choose your selection.  Again, we highly suggest (wink, wink) you vote for our entry, #1c-12-002.
Step 5: Click VOTE!

Just in case you were wondering why you should vote for this project, check out these killer photos....

We appreciate your support! Feel free to pass this along to all your friends, family and co-workers!

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