The New Sofa

Okay, so I'm not posting as much, but life gets in the way sometimes. It's going to be hit and miss for at least a while around here. And YES, I've missed it, but having to do so much physical therapy is taking its toll on me. Plus a bit of an attitude, but we all know about that.

The trip to visit our granddaughter and the new great granddaughter took its toll on both of us. Eight hours driving in a car is a bit much for both of us, and I refuse to fly anymore.

But here is the new sofa:

While the pillow fabric selection was with the help of the designer and the pillows came with the sofa, I'm not wild about them. I'm going to try and find some Aubusson pillows for it. The sofa fabric looks different shades from different angles and it is beautiful to me. I love it and it will never wear out—a kind of velvet chenille and very thick and sturdy. The arm covers don't do the rolled arms justice so I've decided to not use them. It's just hubs and me so it won't get dirty at all and looks much better without them as you can see in the second photo above. My next post will be about the "overcrowded" family room and what I'm doing in there.

This is a beautiful room I could definitely live in.

Love the pillows in this one.

While I'm not crazy and really don't like high ceilings even though we have them in our living room, dining room and kitchen, this room is spectacular.

Little tags to hold a place in a book. I may make one for me as I use post-it note paper and they don't last but one book for me.

Cute pink for a tiny living room.

Those look like hydrangeas but how they got them to grow like that I'll never know. Maybe they cut them and put them like that for a photo shoot.

Place I'd like to be right now!

Another lovely pink and cream bedroom.

Love this lamp and what they did to it.

Pretty pink and reds.

Just beautiful romantic roses.

Darling collectibles in tiny boxes.

If only wash day were this pretty! Hah.

I've always thought of having 4 chairs like this but I truly love sofas in my home. I would do this in an extra room though, perhaps a large office or library.

This is about all the Christmas you'll see here. We don't do much for Christmas anymore. Just too much trouble for this old lady. But I love the feeling, especially in big cities. I haven't done it for a while so maybe it's not that pleasurable anymore. But I used to absolutely LOVE shopping at Macy's at Christmas in Union Square, San Francisco.

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